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Exhibitions & Conventions
We believe that continuous growth & development is fundamental right of our society.

Pathway Exhibitions & Conventions serves as a bridge to connect various Organization's Products & Services and all Support Services with the Prospective Clients in their respective fields across the globe. Through Exhibitions, Conventions, Seminars, Road Shows, Trade Fairs, Spot Admission fairs and Conferences it provides the platform for various organizations and their prospective clients to come together and exchange endless possibilities for growth & development.

Pathway Exhibitions & Conventions has its events & exhibitions held PAN India throughout the year in all major cities, state capitals and metro cities for wide range of products and services across various sectors to achieve objectives and goals of the organizations. The major exhibition brands of Pathway Exhibitions & Conventions are:
  1. Global Education Expo (GEE) organized in December - January - February every year PAN India.
  2. Education Vista, organized in April - May - June every year PAN India.
  3. Spot Admission Fairs June - July - August across more than 40 cities in India.
  4. India International Management Education Expo (IIMEE) organized in October - November - December every year PAN India and 5 International locations.
  5. Property Kingdom organized in August - September - October every year PAN India.
Besides this other country specific educational exhibitions bringing together numerous overseas and domestic institutions and a huge crowd of potential students from various schools, colleges and technical institutions with various educational backgrounds, and programs to interact one on one for making better informed career choices are organized throughout the year. Pathway Exhibitions & Conventions are powerful and highly cost-effective business tool – as well as being significant business generators in their own way. They are recognized as an essential part of the marketing mix, alongside direct selling, advertising and the Internet by its participants. Pathway Exhibitions & Conventions would be a major inspiration in new and emerging markets as they are focused on educational, developmental and other sectors:
  • Driving educational development, technology enhancement and the showcase of the same.
  • Boosting regional, national and international educational, developmental & other industry.
  • Providing a platform for international and domestic institutions to interact thus, assist in exchange of knowledge, Ideas & Technological Advancement.
  • Raising city/regional profile of the various participating educational Institutions.
Our network of offices and associates extends across South East Asia & Middle East. With a superior focused market -oriented event than any other organizer, nobody delivers more potential clients & business contacts than Pathway Exhibitions & Conventions. Pathway Exhibitions & Conventions are undisputed leaders in providing platform for business promotion, brand promotion, brand management of various segments of economies as well as life across South East Asia.
    Education Vista
    Property Kingdom
    Spot Admission Fair
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