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Publication Services
“Shaping Success…”
Pathway Publication Services is Gujarat’s only and India's largest Educational Directories Publisher, offering both international and national level state wise educational directories, besides publishing a range of educational books, various learning Aids, and a educational & developmental newspaper. Pathway Publication Services is a subsidiary of Pathway Group, a multifaceted organization having its interests in various educational and developmental areas.

Everyone is searching for his purpose in Life. If this search is not done when in school, life in later years turns out to be more or less an aimless journey. This answers why millions do not achieve what they want to achieve in Life. The value of education need not be over-emphasized. It is the biggest wealth parents can give to their children and the most precious asset an individual can own. But, to know how and where to use the knowledge gained is crucial to success. The purpose of any educational program should be to help an individual discover this.

Students want relevant information. Parents continuously seek pertinent facts. Educators are looking for updated news & reports. All these will now be available to the said educational community on a regular basis at very affordable prices.

Pathway Publication Services is part of Pathway Group’s endeavor to keep the student community updated and alive to new developments in the field of education.
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