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Services : Consultancy
Institutional Consultancy for Brand Development & Management Consultancy For Institutions Brand Development / Management

Effective branding strategies and tactics and an actual plan to put them into action are invaluable for building awareness and an institutional identity within your community (be it local or global), presenting an appropriate image, and communicating with constituent groups your key message. But does your institute have a branding plan that clearly identifies your markets, your return-on-investment for each strategy, and utilizes the most current technology to maximize your opportunities.

How is the voice of the brand found? Will it resonate over time? The building of brand – of institutional identity – must be built on core concepts in order for it to succeed, and we provide our exceptional services with this regard by assisting in the following manners:

  • Develop Your Institutions Key Message
  • Develop your Marketing Strategies, Media, and Budget
  • Publication Design and Placement
  • Systematic Implementation Plan
  • Measurability Tools to Determine the Success of Your Marketing Strategies

It's important to understand that current and prospective parents, students, and donors are influenced by your message and your media. They are making decisions about enrolling or re-enrolling at your institute or even making a donation. It's critical that you've developed a marketing system that maximizes your message and reassures your community about what you represent and how they fit in, and the benefits to enrolling at your institute. Remember it's about them, not just a list of bullets about your institute. They have to know what's in it for them.

We will share our understanding of the effective principals of marketing, communication, public relations, recruiting, and admissions with an effective message and marketing tools that are targeted to your community. The benefit is growth in student enrollment , retention, increased fund raising results, and even the recruitment and retention of better staff and board members for your educational institute.

Services : Consultancy
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