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Services : Consultancy
Institutional Consultancy for Project Development Consultancy For Project Development

Here is a fact for you...starting a educational institution requires exceptional planning, preparation, experience, and a commitment to a clear vision. Without a solid foundation and groundwork your structure will collapse. In today's complicated education environment, the need to work smarter and be ready for the first day of your institution's operation is critical and can't be repeated. With proper pre-planning and our expert guidance over a project's life cycle, we can help founders like you to be better prepared to start the educational institution of your dreams and manage costs and project development efficiently, and establish a school to be proud of.

As you can understand, the tasks required to start a educational institution are extensive and specific to our unique education sector and can be costly if not implemented correctly – in relation to profits, recognition, and the long-term implementation of your programs.

We offer wide range of services to develop various educational, developmental and institutional projects of various kinds from project development, project approvals and project executions with all legal formalities in India. They Include:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Develop your Business Plan
  • Long Range Strategic Planning
  • Facility Planning & Design
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Buy/Sell Educational Institutions/Schools

By utilizing our services and wisdom we add value in many ways – you take advantage of professionals who have a proven background in leading educational institutions and who are experienced in the mechanics of education institution formation. With our know-how we can put together a solid plan, assist you with meeting regulatory requirements, maximize enrollment, align your decisions with your vision, and ensure that your mission is achieved. Ultimately, you will build on this success in all other areas of your institution's programs.

Services : Consultancy
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